About us

Hello, we are Ari and Gregory.


We are living at the foot of Teutoburg Forest close to the beautiful Hesseltal, a picturesque valley. Many hours roaming this beautiful area with our dogs, have inspired us to call our kennel Hesseldale.


We are both passionate about dogs, who have been at our side since childhood and have become an essential part of our lives. Our hearts beat for labradors in particular. That is why we took the decision to mate our bitch Int. FT CH Masters of Water Emie dite Ellie with FT CH Waterford Ganton in 2016. Our two bitches Gundog’s Choice Flame called Lemmy and Gundog’s Choice Flinte called Purdey result from this perfect match.


These two were the foundation of the Hesseldale kennel. Purdey, the mother of our A-littler, is now living with friends.


We aim to breed healthy labradors with a good temperament and the typical will to please. Even though we deeply enjoy taking part in working tests and picking up with our dogs, they really are family members accompanying us through our everyday lives. It is our goal to pass on the wonderful character of Ellie and her offspring to future generations of dogs.

Hesseldale A – litter

We are happy to announce the Hesseldale A-litter this winter. The choice of stud wasn´t easy after visiting so many dogs this summer. Ari and I started to make short lists and tried to explain why we had them on that list. All of them are quality working dogs with lovely temperaments, each with their own „superpower“.


In the end we both fell for Mr and Mrs Steel´s FTCH Mitforton Oscar of Leadburn.


Thank you Catherine Steel Billy Steel for trusting us to use Oscar on Purdey. I also want to thank Frances Roberts for taking us to the South West Scotland Gundog Associating two day open stake. Two years ago we saw Oscar with Billy for the first time and he impressed us straight away.

Hesseldale B – litter

Due to travel restrictions we decided to change the studdog for Lemmys first Litter.


Our choice for Morris doesn’t come as a surprise because he has been very consistent over the last two seasons.


At a very young age he gained awards at international open field trials. This year he shwoed his quality by winning  a CACIT Trial.


Morris is a lovely dog with a great temperament. His pace and style are eyecatching.


A big thank you goes to Roy Ehbel from Rebel Blend Labradors for allowing us to use Morris at stud.

Hesseldale C – litter

For our C-Litter we have chosen Abbotsleigh Niger „Shelby“.


Shelby ist an open and friendly dog, who has shown his potential in Trials at a very young age. In his first season he has already won two open Trails. After receiving his show confirmation, he can carry his FTCH title.


We know Shelby since he is a pup and kept following his progress through his training.


Shelbys Sire is FTCH Kestrelway Freddie. Freddie qualified twice for the IGL Retriever Championships and becam the runner up in 2017. On the dam side Shelby goes back to FTCH Delfleet Neon of Fendawood. Dell won the IGL Retriever Championship in 2010 and 2012.


Both Shelby and Lemmy are biddable and passionate gundogs. We hope that these qualities will be transferred to their offspring.


We thank Pieter Vivijs for the opportunity to use Shelby for our C-Litter.

Hesseldale D – litter

Due to personal reasons we weren´t able to travel to Italy. This is why we have choosen OFTW Go Back Skyhawk as the sire for our D-Litter.


Guinness is a fantastic dog overall. We met his sire Turpingreen Bohol in 2018 when we trained Lemmy with Kevin Butler. Last year Kevin Butler and Jango won the 2022 IGL Retriever Championship. Guinness is an OFTW himself and was qualified for the 2022 European Championship. We witnessed his performance at a Field Trail where both- Lemmy and Guinness- made it to the run off with three other dogs. He is a very good looking dog with a lovely temperament.


We thank Wendie Dekkers and Rinus Heijmans for letting us use Guinness for Lemmys final litter.


Gundog’s Choice Flame

FTCh Waterford Ganton x Int. FTCh Masters of Water Emie Dite Ellie

Registratio No.1621035
Born21 / 10 / 2016
Hip / Elbow clearanceA2 / 0/0
Eye clearanceRD:clear PRA:clear, Katarakt: clear (26.01.22)
Genetic informationCNM: clear by parantage, EIC, SD2, HNPK: clear, Typ EE
Dentition clearanceFull scissors bite
Date of breeding certificate18.10.2018
RequirementsMating partner PRA-prcd-Test: clear
Titel/TestsFTW (novice), div. Workingtests (F), FT Open

Lemmy passed her coformation and sociability tests with flying colours.